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How do you make a vegan fashion show even better? By adding a little sustainability! That’s exactly what happened at the recent vegan fashion show in London, which showcased the latest in cruelty-free fashion.

The event was a collaboration between the Ethical Fashion Forum and The Animals Observatory, a Spanish children’s clothing line that uses organic materials. The runway show featured a variety of looks from both brands, all of which were made from sustainable fabrics and materials. The designers put an emphasis on natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, and linen, as well as upcycled materials. The event was a great success, and attendees were able to see the latest in sustainable fashion firsthand. They were also able to learn about the importance of choosing ethical materials for clothing, and how it can help us protect the environment. Overall, the vegan fashion show was a great success, and it was a wonderful way to showcase sustainable fashion. We can’t wait to see what the designers come up with next!

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Published by Ana Segota

Co-founder and designer at Anariel Design.


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